Keep the Vision Alive!

I know. I know! It’s been weeks since you heard from me. I’ve been super busy people!

I promise, however, that you have been on my mind daily! I’ve been longing to update you on how things have been going with the book, but I have been absolutely swamped. The office has been busy and I’ve been doing a lot of work otherwise too. The busyness of life has certain affected my writing pace but I am slowly making a comeback. I intend to make good on my promise and deliver this book on time!

During the past few weeks I have had a lot of encouragement coming my way as it relates to writing. As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently received a bronze award for a short story I entered in NIFCA Literary Arts Competition right here at home in Barbados. A couple of weeks ago NIFCA held a Literary Arts Gala to celebrate the accomplishments of the writers who submitted winning pieces. I attended the Gala with the hubby and it was so well done that even he enjoyed it!

My husband tries to be supportive when it comes to these things but he really doesn’t have an artistic bone in his body! Haha. He’s always a good sport though and whether its a dance performance or a written piece, he makes an effort to pay attention and have a thought about it.

It was quite nice to be in the company of authors and other aspiring authors. It was also comforting to hear other adult writers describe their struggles with finding the time to write and how they have sought to overcome these difficulties. One author, in particular, offered the solution of writing while waiting for the chicken to bake or in between loads of laundry. I will definitely try to take her advice since it is very seldom that I am able to find a block of time to sit uninterrupted to write.

At the Gala, some of the winning pieces were read for the audience’s benefit and I was both amazed and provoked by the level of writing skill authors in Barbados possess. I was especially impressed when I heard some of the works produced by teen and pre-teen Bajan writers. Barbados is definitely the home of some well-kept literary secrets but hopefully that is changing and more writers will make a global impact. I hope to be in that bunch!

A few days after the Gala, NIFCA also held a writers workshop where award-winning writers were given an opportunity to meet the judges and have their work critiqued. Of course, I did not hesitate in attending this session and found it very beneficial. The appraisal I received was very helpful and one of the major criticisms I received was not making the most of certain opportunities presented in my writing i.e. not fully developing the potential of certain events in the piece to make the conclusion more impactful. I will definitely try to address this short-coming in my future works.

I think that the entire NIFCA experience has definitely improved in its developmental qualities for competitors since I last entered the competition over a decade ago. I have already resolved that I will enter the competition once again next year.

Now, it would be remiss of me to end this blog post and not speak about keeping the vision alive, which is the title of this post. Vision is currently one of the topics my pastor is discussing at church and it has helped me to keep this vision alive! As my pastor has said:

“Vision is the vehicle to get you from where you are, to where you need to go.”

I have realized that keeping the vision alive is one of the most challenging things to do. This is because not everything that happens after the vision is expressed is to the advancement or benefit of the goal. If vision is a vehicle to get you from where you are, to where you need to go, the road that the vehicle travels on is invariably a difficult road; full of twists and turns and, if you are from Barbados, ‘pot holes’. It has been said, however, that the most difficult roads lead to the most beautiful destinations. It is for this reason that we cannot allow the issues and pressures of life to prevent us from continuing on difficult roads. Beautiful destinations lie ahead.

I am therefore intent on keeping this vision alive and faith is the medication of choice.

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Hebrews 11.1

Do you have a dream or a vision to accomplish something?

Don’t let it die! Keep the vision alive! Don’t let difficult roads deter you. Beautiful destinations are just around the corner!

– Olivia


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